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I grew up back East, lived a troubled life of illegal activities; dabbled into drugs. On March 31st 2014 I started my change in life when I lost part of both of my legs and had a spiritual awakening to God in the hospital. What some would say is a negative, turned into a positive blessing. I have enrolled in college at Lassen Community by the grace of God, I am very humbled in my life and I thrive to be a positive influence in my community. Thank the Lord for many blessings and showing me crossroads, a place where many people have lifted me spiritually and mentally.



My name is Ron I come from 35 years of addiction. My mom gave me away when I was 5. My grandma took care of me until I was 12. All I knew was drugs. I came to my daughters in Alturas, California to stay with her, she kicked me out because I was still doing drugs. She brought me through Crossroads’ doors. I have been saved for six years. I been delivered from 4 stage cancer and what God has done for me is amazing stuff and I have a ministry at Crossroads now and I am so blessed. My daughter is back in my life, I have a grand-baby and it is all God, what God has done for me. 



 In her own words, "I was Born in San Jose. I was raised Jehovah’s Witness. I Had Catholicism on one side of my family. Grandparents were a warlock and a witch. Grew up in a cult like situation. Started using drugs and alcohol when I was 9 years old. I was abused physically, emotionally, and sexually. I was taken away from home at 16, moved to New Mexico. Came back to California and went to a rehab, where I met my husband. I was drinking a lot and then he committed suicide in front of me. I went back to rehab where I met my second husband of 20 years. During that time we used a lot of drugs. After my second husband died I got sober. Then I started going downhill again. I asked God one day I said, “I can’t take this any more” and asked God to take this from me. Then I stopped getting high. I was evicted from my apartment and 3 days later I was in Crossroads, a miracle. I went through 2 years of Sozo ministry with my friend Lynn. He taught me about how Jesus came to set the captives free." Regina is still currently living at Crossroads Ministries in the Grace Gables house



Before I came to Crossroads, I was living a life of alcohol and drug addiction followed by a slew of other poor choices (poor choice of friends, poor choices of places to hang out, poor choices in general). Through the grace and mercy of God and Crossroads ministries I have been able to identify my character defects, work on my drug and alcohol issues and most importantly build a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. 

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